Hi! I'm Janis and I am a retired elementary music teacher. But this blog is not about music and it is not about children. This is a blog about cats — feral cats.

The story begins with my first post—Cassie!

About Me

Who is this crazy lady?

I love animals. I do not call myself the "Crazy Cat Lady" because I don't hoard cats. I love all animals. I love going to the zoo. But the cat family has always intrigued me. I could sit and watch the tigers and lions for hours as they pace back and forth.

I have always had pets—a pony when I was 12, rabbits, cats, dogs, and fish. I kept a cat in the dorm at MTSU which was against the rules, of course. When we had room check, I either took my cat to stay with my boyfriend (who later became my husband, so he knew ahead of time about my affinity for animals) or we just hustled the cat from room to room ahead of the dorm monitor. LOL Never got caught!

After Don and I got married, we got a kitten within a few months of our wedding. She was a pretty grey and black tabby and her name was Happy. Unfortunately, pets were not allowed in the 3-family, old log home where we living in Maryville, Tennessee. But . . . we never got caught. Must've been a pattern.

Then we moved to a little stone house on a cul-de-sac and it was OK to have a pet. And so we got a dog. A big dog. Well, he wasn't big when we got him but he grew. He was a beautiful German Shepherd named Rebel. He loved Happy but she didn't like him so much and she was always getting him in trouble. He would follow her everywhere, especially when she enticed him into going to places where he was not allowed.

In the over 44 years of our marriage, we've had 6 cats and 4 dogs and aquarium fish. There are stories for all of our pets but that's not really what this blog is about either. It's about the cats that are in residence, sort of, now.

You see, I have a colony of feral cats. If you know anything about feral cats, you know they really aren't "mine" but they think they are. If you don't know anything about feral cats, read on because I'm going to tell you all about them.

I have one daughter who is married and, for over 12 years, lived in Chicago with my two wonderful grandchildren. Now, there ought to be a law against your children living so far away and especially when they start having grandchildren. There's just something not quite right about that. So needless to say, we traveled to Chicago quite a lot, at least 3-4 times a year, from 2000 until . . .

2015, when that sweet family (I can say those things, because this is my blog, after all!! LOL) moved back to Nashville, lived with us for over a year. We sold them our house and moved across the street!! What a blessing it is to have our family in the Cul-de-Sac!! But it did bring about some challenges with the cats as you will read about in my blog posts.

I am a retired elementary music teacher. Retired in 2012 and I love retirement! I love to garden, read, and I have an online store at Teachers Pay Teachers where I am selling resources that I created over the 30 years I spent in the elementary music classroom. I also am a Side-by-Side independent coach in the Nashville public schools district, working with other elementary music teachers.

Life is good and I have been blessed. We are Christians who love the Lord and are members of First Baptist Church, Nashville. I am a long-time participant in Bible Study Fellowship, continually trying to learn more about God and how I can serve Him.